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Closed - An Update

Hi All

Although most of you already know I have not been working since my accident, it is time to update you all and make this official. I have decided to mark the business as closed... Paying rent each week while still recovering is just not an option for me. I've known this for a while I just didn't want to accept it, reality is, recovery time from my injury is and will take longer than I hoped for. Before the surgery I was expecting to be back at work, however, tearing the UCL from my thumb threw that idea out.

The sugery I feel went well, however still very weak and the thumb flexibility in what is called the IP joint is very limited. I am not allowed to lift or put pressure on the joint, ony simple stretching exercises which I am doing daily, it just takes time...

As most of you would know and agree, I am very positive and I'm not letting this beat me, so my focus right now is recovery and uni. My goal was to continue with the Barbering until completing my Nursing degree, it's just come sooner by a year and a half!! If there are any changes to my situation I will be sure to let you all know, untill then I want to Thank You all for the support over the years, it has been great and I've enjoyed it.


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