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Some Changes / and a Tip

Updated: Jul 10, 2021


This is an update on my prices/charges and booking tips

PayPal has changed the way they accept payment and unfortunately they have discontinued tap and insert, rather they use QR code. To use it you do require a PayPal account and so long as it is linked to a bank account then you can use it without funds on your PayPal account.

I now offer three ways to pay

  • Cash - if paying cash

  • $5 off service if re-booking within 4 weeks before leaving the shop (discount applies to the next service and does not include crew cuts)

  • Crew cuts $5 off if re-booking within 3 weeks before leaving the shop (discount applies to the next service

  • PayPal (no fee added) this system uses QR code

  • Square (1.9% fee added) This is tap or insert

A tip when making an appointment

when making your appointment via online don’t forget to include all services you are having, the system allows you to make multiple choices while booking, there is no need to do one at a time.

These changes will be implemented from Saturday 17th July 2021

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