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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Be advised This is a Special Announcement ! Shop Relocation - UPDATE

If you had read my previous post, I was moving to an address in Mudgeeraba however this has changed and I will no longer be moving there, instead I will be relocating to an address in Varsity Lakes. More specifically a shop attached to the ALDI store on Christine Avenue directly across from Varsity College Primary School.

Click the link to show the location - https://goo.gl/maps/XvuuUSqtrDSectZd6

The exact start date is yet to be determined however most likely around the 18th March 2020

Continue to book online as usual, if you are unsure of anything, simply text, email or speak to me during your next visit.

The new location also comes with some changes in particular the days and hours I will be open and the services I am able to offer. Most of my clients know that I am about to start studying a Bachelor of Nursing at SCU, hence why most of the changes.

The BEST way to know when I am working and services offered is go directly to my Online Booking and there you will see in real time my available days and services.

Stay tuned for more updates as I transition…

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