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Temporarily Closed

Hi Everyone

So I was hit by a car on 31/08/21 while on my motorcycle and sustained an injury (fractured fifth finger) to my left hand, some of you will already know this. I had a CT scan last week as they suspected further injury and had a follow up appointment yesterday at the hospital. It was discovered that I have also torn a ligament off the bone (Ulna Collateral Ligament) which requires surgery!!

Unfortunately this has lead me to closing for a minimum of 6 weeks as of now and my surgery as been scheduled for tomorrow 12/08/21

I apologise for the inconvenience and if anyone needs the address to to fool that hit me and put your Barber out of action, I can arrange that haha (for legal purposes this is the part I need to write, I’m only kidding) but I do have his address…

Apart from that, I’m good and was very lucky nothing too serious, just more of an inconvenience.

I will keep you all posted by posting my progress here on the Blog.

Thank You

Michael Henriksen

The Barber

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