Trichovedic Keratin Smoothing Treatment


Welcome to your new hair world! Introducing the Trichovedic Keratin hair smoothing, semi straightening, anti-frizzing treatment... let me transform your hair to be more manageable and visually in better condition.

I have been using Keratin or similar “straightening” treatments for quite a number of years and putting aside any marketing spiel. The Trichovedic Kertin Treatment really is an awesome product that actually delivers.


There are a few factors that influence in receiving a great Keratin hair service that you will want to return.

  1. The product

  2. The Hairdresser (their skill and knowledge of the product)

  3. The condition of your hair

  4. How you treat your hair after the service


If you have any of the below conditions, dislikes etc then this treatment will benefit you.

  • Dry and/or frizzy

  • Too curly

  • Humidity 

  • Hard to style/manage

  • Dull

  • Lifeless

  • Breakage eg. Chemical damage

I have clients that have extremely curly hair that are amazed at how much curl I can take out which makes it so much easier for them to manage. Customers that have come to me where I have been able to help them where they have chemical breakage or over processing of permanent straightening.

Service Details and Prices


depending on the usual suspects... thickness, how curly, length etc the service can take between 3 1/2hr - 4 1/2hr to give you a better idea if you have medium to thick hair, length a bit past the shoulders and fairly curly or frizzy expect the service to take around 3 1/2hr - 4hr

The time is mostly taken up when I use the irons to seal the product into your hair and this (apart from poor product choice) step is crucial in making the product work. The typical service includes the application and processing of the Trichovedic Keratin Treatment with a blast dry at the end of the service.


Price is calculated per hr $70 and if the time is closer to 1/2hr $35 eg. 3 1/2hr = $245


When you arrive for your appointment or consultation, I will explain to you the full procedure that I will be performing. Below I have listed different answers or facts regarding the product and service in general. 


  • No need to wash your hair before arriving as I will be performing a cleansing shampoo

  • When I complete the service you can go home and do what ever you normally do, tie it up, you can even wash it! One thing you can’t do, read below...

  • You can colour your hair a week after the treatment. With saying that I do have some clients that will colour their hair within 3 days of having the treatment without any problems.

  • The treatment last between 4 to 6 months I know this is a little broad however some clients have hair that just doesn’t take as well to certain treatments. I also have clients that have had it last 9 months. 

  • The treatment will affect clients with artificial dark and blonde hair by changing the tone.

  • No formaldehyde

  • This product cannot damage your hair in any way 


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